Highland Village, Shelburne Falls

Property type: Public Housing for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

Located on 4.35 hilltop acres just a quarter of a mile from the village of Shelburne Falls, Highland Village offers affordable, safe housing options for income-eligible seniors and persons will disabilities in an attractive community setting. 

The development contains forty-six (46) units of state-assisted housing, including one accessible two-bedroom unit for persons with mobility impairments and two accessible one-bedroom units for persons with mobility impairments. Other amenities include community laundry facilities and community spaces including a recreation hall and full kitchen.


To be considered a senior, an applicant must be at least 60 years of age.

An applicant with a disability that will last for more than six months, or permanently, is eligible to apply for housing for persons with disabilities.

How to Apply

There are two ways to fill out an application for both Congregate & Family State-Aided Public Housing:

  1. Download and print the PDF applications shown below, or
  2. call us and stop by the office to pick one up.

Income Eligibility Chart

Effective 2023

State-Aided Housing Income Eligibility Chart

Effective 2021

Household SizeMaximum Income
One (1) person$47,850
Two (2) people$54,650
Three (3) people$61,500
Four (4) people$68,300
Five (5) people$73,800
Six (6) people$79,250
Seven (7) people$84,700
Eight (8) people$90,200

Application Process

Further Screening Processes

Once it is determined that a household meets basic status and income requirements, applicants are further screened in accordance with HRA policy, federal and state fair housing laws, and regulations set forth by EOHLC. As part of the application process, applicants must authorize HRA to conduct thorough background checks including criminal history (including a sex offender record information check), rental history, credit history and a personal reference check.

Preferences and Priority

Applicants are selected in chronological order by date of completed application. However, preference is given to applicants who are veterans of the United States Armed Services. Preference is also given to racial minorities in compliance with affirmative action laws, and to applicants who reside in the town in which the housing facility is located. Priority may be given if the applicant is homeless through no fault of their own.