Housing Search Workshops

This workshop is designed to help you find and keep your tenancy, providing the safety and security you need from your housing choice.

Housing Search Workshops cover the following subjects and more:

  • Learn how to navigate the housing search process
  • Learn basics of fair housing requirements
  • Tenancy/lease types
  • Tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Rules for security deposits

Planning is everything. HRA’s Housing Counselor will give you the tools to search better. You will learn how to represent your rental history on paper. The Housing Counselor will help you create a sustainable budget so you can plan for seasonal expenses like heating costs if you haven’t before. The goal is to shop for a rent you can afford long term.

Once the search begins you will have the skills to stay organized. You will be prepared with all the information you need to fill out an application properly.

We will even show you how to move out in a way that keeps your positive housing history intact.

Upcoming Housing Search Workshops

Additional Housing Resources

Other Local Housing Options: other housing resources in and around Franklin County

Housing Consumer Education Center: resource website

MassLegalHelp.org: know your legal rights

Community Legal Aid: apply online for free legal help

MA Attorney General’s Office: Consumer Advocacy & Response Division 

EOHLC: emergency assistance for families facing housing crisis

Servicenet: shelter and housing services

Community Action