Foreclosure Prevention

If you find yourself behind on your mortgage and struggling to pay your bills, come and talk to one of our HUD Certified Housing Counselors.

They will go over your mortgage and help you understand the terms of your loan. They will also go over your entire financial situation and work on it with you and explore all options available to you as well as identify your next steps. In many cases they can communicate directly with your lender and may be able to assist with applying for a modification or a refinance of your loan. All your options will evaluated and they will help you plan your next steps so you can navigate these challenges.

All services are free and confidential.

Financial assistance may be available through the Mass Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) for eligible homeowners.

HRA can provide one-on-one budget counseling as well.

Additional Housing Resources

Other Local Housing Options: other housing resources in and around Franklin County

Housing Consumer Education Center: resource website know your legal rights

Community Legal Aid: apply online for free legal help

MA Attorney General’s Office: Consumer Advocacy & Response Division 

EOHLC: emergency assistance for families facing housing crisis

Servicenet: shelter and housing services

Community Action