Housing Consumer Education Center

Our Housing Consumer Education Center (HCEC) is a one-stop source of information, education and referrals on housing-related issues for all residents of Franklin County regardless of income. We offer answers to a wide range of questions about all types of housing problems. Tenants, landlords, prospective buyers, and homeowners can access information designed to maximize housing stability, strengthen investments, and minimize disputes.

We are a member of the Regional Housing Network of Massachusetts, a consortium of all Housing Consumer Education Centers in the state. Visit the Regional Housing Network website to review additional resources or to contact an HCEC in another part of Massachusetts. 

HRA is a HUD certified Housing Counseling Agency, we are trained and approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide tools to prospective and current homeowners and renters. This includes homelessness counseling, budgeting and financial education. We have guidance if you are facing foreclosure. If you are experiencing any housing crisis please reach out to us and see how we can help.  

How to get help

If you need help, please fill out the online HCEC Intake Form below.

Or, you could fill out a PDF HCEC Intake Form and return it to HRA.